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Hillary Clinton At The Benghazi Testimony

hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front runner, was before the Benghazi House Select Committee and called it a long day. She participated in the DNC Women’s Leadership Forum on Friday morning. Even after 11 hours of work her voice was still hoarse. Clinton said she was happy to have got the answers. She affirms that the goal is to move from partisanship to
statesmanship. Campaign aides were happy with her presentation but said that the debate last week was a bigger success as it showcased her strength. The fundraising was at its best during 9 PM and 10 PM just while she was wrapping her testimony.

Hillary Clinton also focushillary-clinton-gettyed on women’s rights and also touched on the political events that happened this week. She praised the vice president Joe Biden and said that history doesn’t stop with him despite him denying running for the president. She also subtly attacked her competitor Sen Bernie Sander who said all the shouting in the world” cannot put solve gun control issue. She countered the comment by saying that when women talk people think they are shouting. This came for a big appreciation for the women. The aides said that Clinton was calm and cool during the speech though they conveyed frustration over her ally Sidney Blumenthal.

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