James Taylor

Orthodontics – General Emergency Information

GENERAL EMERGENCY INFORMATION: First call the office…. If we are in the office we will discuss what to do. If we are not in the office the message will have an emergency cell phone number… PLEASE check the office message first…. Then leave a message on the number we give on the office phone and […]

Car Insurance Is Not Just For Your Car

Car insurance protects more than just your car. You will be protecting your car and other vehicles as well. It is important to review your policy to find out what exactly is covered and fill in any shortcomings. This article is designed to help you pick a plan that works for you. Sit with your […]

Lingual Braces A Treatment Option For Crooked Teeth

Lingual Braces Cost can be very reasonable and is worth for the investment. It will help straighten your crooked teeth and add that smile back in your face. Lingual Braces? What is meant by that? Lingual Braces are orthodontic braces that are fixed at the backside of your teeth so that they are invisible. The […]