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Seven Valuable Tips To Put Your Babies To Sleep


The world of parenting is turning tougher with children demanding more of your time. The toughest experience is putting your kid to sleep every night. Here are some useful tips from the “Sleep Solutions” challenge.

  1. Pediatricians opined that babies can sleep for 8 hours without parental intervention between the age of 4 to 6 months. Babies do not feel hungry in the night as they store sufficient food to pass the night. Every baby can sleep through the night without any parental guidance. It is but natural for parents to jump at the first wail of your baby and start holding and comforting them. Babies like this attention and try to take advantage.
  2. Babies’ eyelids turn heavy after the last feed in the day. Just place them on the bed and stay close enough to feel the baby. Initially leave the room for 30 seconds and slowly extend the time.Top-10-Baby-Sleep-Items
  3. It is important to relax before going to bed. Get everything done well in advance and avoid using electronic items like this could lead to sleep disturbances. Make relaxing a routine activity. You can also listen to some soothing music or read some book.
  4. A hungry baby always is restless so feed the babies well before putting them to sleep. If their little bellies are full, they sleep uninterruptedly. Just feed them before you hit the bed, so both of you have complete rest.
  5. Consistency is the key. Irrespective of whoever is responsible for putting the baby to sleep have to follow the same method whether it is during the day or at night. Each one following a different method can confuse the child and lead to sleep inconsistency.
  6. Keep a schedule for your child. Whether it is eating, nappy changing, sleeping it is important to keep the routine. This can help get into a cycle that can get their circadian rhythm right.
  7. Sleep time and wake time varies when the child is sick. Do not follow any schedules when the baby is having a fever, traveling teething or is not normal. During these situations take time to snuggle, hydrate, and cuddle.

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