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Obama Visits Roseburg Victims, Gun Control Debate Heats Up

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The gun control issue has taken center stage with the Umpqua community college shoot out. The President Obama is in Roseburg, Oregon to meet the family members of the victim. This has given the administration an opportunity to reconsider the gun control proposal by introducing new guidelines for those licensed gun dealers. Moreover, background checks need to be conducted to potential buyers informs administration officials. Those who sell a particular number of guns in a year are subjected to the law framed for gun dealers. The threshold has been fixed at 50 to 100 guns in a year to fall into this category. The number is yet to be formalized.

The policy is complicated informs an administration official. After the Oregon
shooting where 9 people were killed and the same number were injured, Obama has promised to have the gun laws reformed by pulling down the existing gun law. The view expressed by the president is that the opposition party always interferes in the proposal for gun control provisions. The executive order to conduct background checks for gun sales failed to see the light of the day in the Senate in 2013. The complications of defining who is a gun dealer made it difficult to get through branding the executive order illegal.Obama

But the committee is reconsidering the issue of the order to review the gun policy after the Umpqua Community College shoot out. The idea got a new lease of life when the Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that she would take action on this if elected to power. Meanwhile, the Michael Bloomberg funded group also urged Obama to take up the policy. The senior counsel of Everytown said that hundreds of thousands of guns are sold without background checks. The National Rifle Association informed that there is little data on gun purchase, and it is not clear how the sales would be affected.

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