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Protect your greatest Asset with Home Insurance

  You Against The World – The Most Important Home Owner’s Insurance Tips Available It’s important to get the right Homeowners insurance for your needs. The best type and amount of coverage you will need will vary due to location of the home and surrounding area. This article will help provide you with all the […]

Texas Battered By Heavy Rains, Central And South Texas Under Flood Watch

Texas is experiencing heavy rains with the threat of rain to spread to South Texas from North and Central region during the weekend. The downpour is caused by the leftover of Hurricane Patricia that hit Mexico on Friday. A major part of Texas was under the influence of the floods Saturday morning, and the weatherman […]

Try to escape a black hole and you’ll be burnt to a crisp, new paper cautions

The event horizon of a black hole is either a deceptively peaceful void, or a fiery hellscape of doom, depending on how close you actually get, physicists have proposed. The existence of this burning wall of fire on the event horizon has become one of the most contentious issues to hit theoretical physics in the […]