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Why Hiring An Attorney After A Car Accident May Be Necessary

Why Hiring An Attorney After A Car Accident May Be Necessary

If you have been involved in a car accident, you may be left with a lot of unanswered questions. And while your car insurance company will certainly step in to help, there may be legal issues that you aren’t even aware of at the time. It may be beneficial to you if you speak with an experienced attorney from our Law Firm. Here are some of the reasons why an attorney can be very helpful.personal injury attorney

When To Hire An Attorney

You should give some serious consideration to hiring an attorney after a car accident if any of the following occur:
There have been significant damages to your car.
Liability has not yet been determined.
The amount of the claim does not adequately compensate you for damages sustained.
The claims adjuster is pressuring you to make a decision.
You’re don’t know how to evaluate your claim.
Your claim involves lost wages and injuries.
Your claim has been denied.
The other motorist in the accident has served you with a lawsuit.
The claims process has taken too long and closing in on the statutes of limitations.
What Your Attorney Can Do For You
There are a number of different things your attorney will be able to do in order to ensure success in your case.
Statute of Limitations. You only have a limited time to sue your case out. In most states, that time frame is between one and two years. If you don’t file on time, you lose the right to ever sue.
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Help You Understand the Damages. There are a number of potential damages you can sue for when injured in a car accident. They range from pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional distress and medical bills. Family members can sue for the loss of companionship. Your attorney will advise you of all of the potential legal rights you have.
Help With Proving Liability. Even with witness statements and police reports, it can still be difficult to prove liability. This means you need to prove that the operator of the other vehicle was negligent enough to breach the duty of care.
Understanding Your Settlement Options. Many cases will settle out of court, which means you will need to know whether or not any settlement option is sufficient. Once you take a settlement, you sign a release, meaning you give up your rights to sue.
Many car accident attorneys will work on a contingent fee, meaning they don’t get paid unless there is a settlement awarded (or in the case of a trial, they are successful in winning the case). If you believe you need to retain an attorney, contact one as soon as you possibly can.

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