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Motorcycle Accident Attorney – Bike Crash Law

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, call our Law Firm today to speak with one of our qualified motorcycle accident attorneys. Each day, careless drivers engage in risky driving behavior that puts motorcyclists, bicyclists, and scooter drivers’ lives at risk. It’s all too often that after they have caused the accident, the at-fault driver says the same story — “I didn’t see him” or some other variation attempting the shift the blame onto the biker. Even the most experienced riders who have the proper education and training are at risk of being the victim of car accidents with distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and others who aren’t conscious of their surroundings on the road.motorcycle accident attorneys

Our motorcycle injury attorneys are committed to aggressively representing the injured and maximizing your compensation. While we’ll do everything we can once you contact us, there are some important things motorcyclists can do to minimize their risk or reduce their injuries from an accident.

Motorcycle Accident Avoidance Tips:
Always wear a properly fitting helmet and safety gear.
Take a motorcycle-specific defensive driving course.
Never drink and ride.
Don’t share lanes.
Always be vigilant of the other drivers around you.

What should I do if I’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident?

The most important thing that any motorcyclist can do after having been injured in a motorcycle accident is to seek immediate treatment. Regardless of whether your injuries consist of some minor road rash, an infection can always spread rapidly. If you are able to, call 911 immediately for police or paramedics.

Take an ambulance ride, go to the emergency room, or see a doctor immediately. Any delay in seeking medical treatment could hurt your potential chances of recovering from your medical expenses. motorcycle accident lawyers

Speak with a motorcycle injury lawyer before signing any documents or giving a recorded statement. Insurance adjusters will often do what they can to minimize your recovery and pass off liability. Before you speak with an at-fault party’s insurance, contact us. Our motorcycle accident attorneys will guide you through the process, and advise you on what needs to be done. Our Law Firm prides itself on aggressive representation in order to maximize your recovery. We never collect a fee, unless we are able to recover on your behalf.

If you are injured as a result of a motorcycle accident, please contact us today to speak with your accident attorney. Initial consultations and online case evaluations are always free.

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