James Taylor

Furnace Service – HVAC Repairs from the Pro’s

If you live in or around the Calgary area and you are thinking of servicing your furnace or air conditioner unit, you should definitely hire the best professional to do the job. Whether you are getting concerned about the cold or warm season approaching, trying to sell your home, or simply want to extend the […]

Slow Draining Sinks – Plumbing Services

You may have noticed that your sinks and drains have been very slow to disperse with the water. It could be the kitchen or bathroom sinks or even the shower drain. The first thin you think of is to maybe check and see if anything is immediately stuck, you try sticking a wire hanger down […]

Are Bed Bugs Bugging Your Home Or Business

Are Bed Bugs Bugging Your Home Or Business Details of Bed Bug Exterminator Your bed bug exterminator must be able to get there within two days of your own request for bed bug services. You probably don’t have bed bugs! Becoming cleared of bed bugs can be very a challenge. When they are present, they […]