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Orthodontics – General Emergency Information


First call the office…. If we are in the office we will discuss what to do.

If we are not in the office the message will have an emergency cell phone number…

PLEASE check the office message first….

Then leave a message on the number we give on the office phone and you will usually be called by that evening to discuss your problem and make arrangements.

If you do NOT hear from us by late that night or certainly the next morning, please call the number AGAIN…. And remember… we don’t know your number so PLEASE TALK SLOWLY so we can understand… usually, when a patient does not get a call back it is because we could not understand the number either because the caller was not clear or part of the number was cut off by static/interference!orthodontic treatment - lingual braces

Following this we have some helpful hints to evaluate and help your situation:


Call the office, first, to come in….

Bracket on a tooth is loose: Please remember, a bracket cannot be “a little loose.” It is either on the tooth or not and if it is not on the tooth, it cannot efficiently move the tooth. If the bracket is not bothering the patient, call during office hours to make an appointment to have it bonded back on. If the bracket is annoying to the patient because, for example, it has turned on the wire, call the office to come in and we can remove the loose bracket and at that time an appointment will be made to have the doctor re-bond the bracket. More on this website

The buccal tube is loose: The buccal tube is located on the first permanent molar in the back of the mouth. If the patient has started with brackets on the front four or six teeth, use a toenail clipper (a scissor will not work) and clip the wire as close to the back of the front bracket as possible. You will remove the loose buccal tube and the wire together. At least this will make the patient comfortable. Call our office and set up an appointment to have the buccal tube and wire replaced.

Pokey wire: Every patient is given wax and oral instructions on how to use it when their braces are first bonded on their teeth. Extra wax is available upon request at the office. If a wire is a pokey, first, dry it off with a paper towel, gauze, clean dry washcloth. It must be dry for the wax to stay in place. Break off a small piece of wax, about the size of a green pea, and put it on the pokey wire. This will temporarily keep the wire out of the patient’s cheek. This doesn’t actually fix the wire so please call the office and even if we are not open for patients, there is someone available to fix the wire and make the patient comfortable.lingual braces being fitted

Split Plate is Loose: If the patient should notice that the split plate is loose during the time that it is still being turned, STOP turning the plate until it can be seen. Call the office and get the phone number to let us know and discuss it. Often we will tell you to undo 2 or 3 turns to make the patient comfortable. If the turning is finished, call the office for further instructions on what needs to be done and we’ll usually just re-bond that side. More here @ https://orthodontist-sa.com

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